Smart Interactive Beds

Smart Interactive Beds


Smart Interactive Beds

Smart Interactive Beds

Interview with Balluga's Inventor


Smart Interactive Technology

Balluga have integrated the latest technology into their beds to provide comfort, relaxation and entertainment to enhance the sleep experience.

Our beds can be controlled with a wireless remote control or your smart phone or tablet. Our Apps are compatible for use on iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

You can save your preferred comfort and therapeutic settings for use with your bed as well as any other Balluga Bed worldwide.

Our Apps use Bluetooth connectivity and are set for total privacy by default. You can however select to share your sleep data with family, friends or medical clinicians.

Our sleep Apps don't just control the bed's features, they're also able to interact in real time with Balluga's active health monitoring and suspension system.

This unique feature provides you with the ability manage your sleep experience in real time by monitoring your body's vital statistics to ensure an optimum level of rest and rejuvenation.

There are number of comfort, therapeutic and entertainment features that can be used with Balluga beds, they can be selected at the time of purchase or post sale as upgrades.

Features list

  • Multi-zone adjustable firmness setting
  • Therapeutic massage during sleep
  • Built-in climate control
  • Night-time illuminated access
  • App synchronisation with most media files and video game consoles
  • Built-in Surround Sound audio system
  • Built-in projector for viewing TV , Video files and CCTV monitoring
  • Built-in emergency fire & smoke detector alarms
  • Remote suspension profile setting and monitoring by medical clinicians

New features are constantly being developed to improve the Balluga bed range. These can bed added post sale to keep your Balluga bed up to date and future proof.  

Style without compromise

The Balluga Bed is designed to fit into standard bed frames or as a stand alone bed. We offer a range of frame finishes to match most bedroom styles and a bespoke design service for interior designers and commercial specifiers.

Balluga also has an optional range of automated storage bases that are available with or without ambient lighting and surround sound speakers. We also have a range of mattress covers and bed sheets in a variety of colours which are designed to encourage air flow when using our built in climate control system.

Balluga's unique suspension

One of the many advantages of the Balluga bed is the air spring suspension system. Its active suspension can be used to create a therapeutic massage during sleep. This can help relieve any tension and stress points within your body and rejuvenates you for the day ahead.


Climate Control

The Balluga Bed integrates a climate control system that provides a steady stream of air to create the perfect sleep environment. You can set individual temperature levels for each side of the bed which are automaticaly maintained during sleep.


Hygienic sleep environment

Balluga beds are manufactured from non-absorbent anti allergenic components which can be steam cleaned periodically by Balluga. This can be undertaken as an on going service contract or as a one off when required. Balluga bed's hygiene level can be further enhanced when combined with Balluga’s climate control, which provides a constant stream of air to maintain a healthy sleep environment.


Future evolution

Balluga continues to innovate its designs and core technology. We strive to provide interaction with other sleep or seating products to create a unique range of Smart Interactive Furniture. We have already designed a unique sofa bed that incorporates our technology to create an adjustable firmness sofa and bed without sacrificing comfort or functionality.

We invite you to stay updated with our innovations by registering for our newsletter. We hope to delight you with new products that provide comfort, value and satisfaction.