Balluga® Features

  • Adjustable zone firmness setting
  • Computer-controlled pressure-sensitive suspension
  • Therapeutic massage while you sleep
  • Built-in climate control
  • Night-time illuminated access
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to mobile Apps
  • Balluga App used to control all aspects of your sleep experience
  • Saved App settings can be used with any other Balluga bed 
  • App synchronisation with all media files and video game consoles
  • Built-in Surround Sound audio system
  • Built-in projector for viewing TV , Video files and CCTV monitoring
  • Built-in interconnected Wi-Fi emergency fire & smoke detector alarms
  • Remote suspension profile setting and monitoring for medical use

These and many other hi-tech features can also be added post-purchase.


Why Balluga®?

Most existing beds and mattresses offer static non-adjustable support and provide a diminishing level of comfort over time. Blood circulation can also be restricted during sleep on static support surfaces. 

Balluga has soft flexible air cells which yield to your body and offer no resistance to your body’s blood circulation.

Conventional mattresses cannot be adjusted to compensate for material settlement over time. They are unable to conform to your body’s changes such as weight fluctuation, ageing or pregnancy.

Balluga allows you to alter the firmness of different zones of your bed at the touch of a button. The Balluga air cell suspension will not sag and is always as new, offering pressure-free support throughout its life span. 

Traditional mattresses can be contaminated by bed mites and other infestations, which can induce allergies in some children and adults.

Balluga beds are inherently anti-bacterial and completely cleanable to offer the highest standard of hygiene.

Conventional beds and mattresses are generally not recyclable, resulting with their disposal into landfill.

Balluga beds are manufactured to last for up to 20 years and are fully recyclable.